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The EDA Hybrid Knife System: now, you can learn more about the rapidly evolving system of knife combat taught within the Elite Defence Academy Krav Maga syllabus.

The Piper Knife System: we’re certified to teach the world-renowned Piper Knife System, at a basic and advanced level.


  • The Piper Knife System is one of the world’s deadliest and most deceptive forms of knife combat. Born in the prisons and ganglands of Cape Town, South Africa, the Piper Knife System is essentially the distillation of the techniques used by some of the world’s most feared knife fighters in the context of gang violence, prison assassinations, and turf wars.

  • For more than 20 years, the founder of the Piper Knife System, Nigel February, has practiced, taught, and refined the art to the point where it is globally respected and acknowledged as being almost impossible to defend against in a hand-to-hand confrontation.

  • Des Brown (EDA Chief Instructor), Jacques Alberts (1834 Tactical Chief Instructor), and Shalto Schoeman (EDA Weapons Academy Chief Instructor) have all received training personally from Nigel February.

  • Shalto Schoeman is a fully certified Piper Knife System Instructor, and is authorized to present training within Elite Defence Academy on behalf of the Piper Knife System.

  • Some Piper basics are taught at Brown Belt Level 2 within the EDA Krav Maga syllabus, as a springboard to formal Piper training for students who qualify to do so. 

  • Piper Knife System training is rigorous and extremely realistic, and live blades are used in training.

  • For more advanced training, Piper courses and workshops are available through EDA Weapons Academy. However, due to the nature of the training and the psychological attributes required, please be aware that EDA Weapons Academy reserves the right to decline Piper training should an individual or organization be considered unsuitable.


The EDA Hybrid Knife System is geared to equip a student by offering 3 distinct characteristics:

  • It is suited to anyone, requires no specific athletic ability or fitness, can accommodate a wide range of bladed weapon types, and is simplistic and easy to learn. (Mastery, of course, takes time!)

  • The movements are templates which almost exactly match our empty-hand combat techniques – which means that a Krav Maga student can learn our empty hand techniques and our knife techniques with equal ease.
    The EDA Krav Maga system is characterized by its emphasis on fast flowing movements, and its powerful ellipses and spirals which amplify kinetic energy – and these movements are echoed in our Hybrid Knife System.

  • Because of its universal similarity to many of the other techniques we teach, the Hybrid Knife System equips a student to use pretty much any short weapon that can be held in the hand – a Kubotan, tactical pen, kitchen fork, nail file, or set of keys for example – in exactly the same way, with devastatingly effective results.

The EDA Hybrid Knife System borrows from the philosophy and movements contained in many of the world’s most respected and practical knife systems. The criteria for everything we teach is realism, which means that not only is our knife system pressure tested in every possible way, but it has been used in real life and proven to be effective.

The EDA Hybrid Knife System is taught within the EDA Krav Maga syllabus in a very basic format at Yellow Belt and Orange Belt levels. More advanced training is available via the courses and workshops held within Elite Defence Academy and EDA Weapons Academy.

The training provided is progressive and systematic, and is taught safely and professionally at all levels.